Academic Calendar

Term System

Zion Christian University operates on four-month term system. The four-month term begins the date course materials are shipped to the student. This allows our students flexibility and affords them the opportunity to study at their own pace. If students complete the term’s course work before the four months have expired, they may register at any time for the next term. If students cannot complete the courses within the four-month term, they will need to contact the registrar’s office.

Adding & Dropping Courses

Courses can only be added or dropped during the given term by contacting the Office of the Registrar. No changes are complete until they are approved by the Registrar within the prescribed time limit. Added courses must be completed by the term end date. Please refer to the Refund Schedule for tuition reimbursement information for dropped courses. Required courses that are dropped must be made up at a later date before the student may graduate.

Course Load

The expected course load for full-time students in undergraduate studies is 12 credit hours or more per term. The normal course load for part-time students in undergraduate studies is 11 credit hours or less per term. Therefore, the chart below reflects the estimated time (not a guaranteed outcome) to complete the programs offered at Zion Christian University.

Program of Study Credit Hours  Courses Per Year  Approx. Time
to Graduate
    FT PT    
Certificate in Biblical Studies 30 hours 10 5 1 yr 2 yrs
Diploma in Biblical Studies 60 hours 10 5 2 yrs 4 yrs
Bachelor in Biblical Studies 120 hours 10 5 4 yrs 8 yrs
Bachelor of Theology 120 hours 10 5 4 yrs 8 yrs
Bachelor of Arts in Theology 120 hours 10 5 4 yrs 8 yrs

* FT = Full Time; PT = Part Time

The time to complete a course of study will depend on various skills the students possess in areas of reading, comprehension, research, essay writing, and typing proficiency. Students have the option of working on two or more courses simultaneously or working on one course at a time. This is left to the discretion of students based on what is most beneficial for them according to their time schedule and ability.

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