Master of Theological Studies

40 Credit Hours

The M.T.S. program is a 40 credit hour program designed to give students a solid and thorough understanding of the Bible and Pentecostal theology, as well as strengthen their ability to interpret the Word of God and communicate it to others. This program seeks to prepare pastors, missionaries, and teachers in churches and Bible colleges.

Core Courses: 28 Credits
BBL501 Hermeneutics 2 credits
BBL503 Bible Survey 3 credits
HIS501 Church History 3 credits
MIN502 Christian Leadership 2 credits
MIN601 Ministry Gifts 3 credits
PHL602 Apologetics 2 credits
PTH601 Christian Maturity 3 credits
SYS501 Systematic Theology I 2 credits
SYS502 Systematic Theology II 4 credits
SYS601 Systematic Theology III 2 credits
SYS602 Systematic Theology IV 2 credits
THE601 Covenants 2 credits

Culminating Thesis: 3 Credits
RES601 Thesis 3 credits

General Elective Courses: 9 Credits
Students may choose courses from the general course list to fulfill this requirement. Depending on the students' previous studies, elective courses may be replaced by additional required courses. Electives courses are subject to the approval of the Registrar's Office.

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