Bible Training

The Bible Training Program is a non-credit program designed to provide sound Biblical teaching to those who are either not interested or not able to pursue a college degree. This program offers an excellent opportunity to learn the same life changing truths as in the degree programs but at a much easier pace. Students will study the same textbooks and then take open book exams which lead the student through each subject in order to gain a well rounded understanding of the subject. Students also have the option of purchasing the course audio lectures of our faculty teaching on the various subjects.

Bible Training Certificate

This program consists of the completion of the following 12 courses:

  1. Changed from Glory to Glory
  2. Genesis
  3. Gospel of John
  4. The Holy Spirit
  5. The Hope of the Christian
  6. The Journey of Israel
  7. Know Your Bible
  8. Pillars of Faith
  9. Romans
  10. Tabernacle of Moses
  11. True Christianity
  12. Washed by the Word

Bible Training Diploma

This program consists of the completion of the following 12 courses:

  1. Acts
  2. Anointed Music & Worship
  3. Daniel
  4. David & Solomon
  5. Ephesians
  6. Marriage & Family
  7. Hebrews
  8. Life of Christ
  9. Philippians
  10. Psalms I
  11. Second Coming
  12. Victory Over the Self-centered Life

Costs: $10 per course plus books

To sign up for the program please go to the BTC Application Page.

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