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Our programs are accessible to all of our students, whether studying full or part time while working.

You can tailor your study schedule to fit your busy life, whether as a student, pastor, Christian worker, or someone who just wants to learn more about the Bible and Theology.

Students from many places around the world have found our programs to be encouraging, enriching, and life-transforming.

Learn at Your Own Pace

We recognize that everyone has a unique schedule. Because of that we have structured our program in the following ways:

  • Classes may be started at any time
  • Attend part-time or full-time
  • Complete your courses within a four-month semester

What to Expect in a Class

ZCU’s online programs mean that you can study in any location by using our online student information system. Each course consists of:

  • Audio lectures by our faculty members
  • Textbooks developed by our faculty who are also in full or part-time ministry
  • Written course work

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can complete 100% of your degree at home without traveling to a local campus.

At this time ZCU’s programs operate totally online without a main local campus. However, we do partner with many affiliate schools in other nations which allow students to study in a classroom setting.

For the Bible Training Program, students will send and receive their course work by email. For the degree program, students will receive a login to our student information system, called Populi, where you will receive and submit your course work.

Each program is different in regards to how long it takes to complete. It also depends upon how much time you have to study. However, the following is a general estimate:

  • Certificate: 1 year
  • Diploma: 2 years
  • Bachelors: 4 years
  • Masters: 3 years

All of our programs are priced to be very affordable as we have found that many of our students are functioning in some sort of ministry and cannot afford to get into debt to complete their studies. To find a breakdown on the costs of fees and tuition, please visit:

For the Bible Training Program, there is no set time limit to finish a course you start. For the degree programs, you have a four-month semester in which to finish your enrolled courses.

While we have designed our courses to be a self-study format, we also have a team of instructors and staff who are there to answer your questions or give guidance during your studies.

At this time ZCU is not able to grant visas that would enable foreign students to travel to and study in the United States.

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