Diploma in Biblical Studies

This program is designed to build upon the Certificate in Biblical Studies program and seeks to gives students a deeper knowledge of Bible, Doctrine, and Practical Theology. It is ideal for individuals who have some Bible training and desire to increase their knowledge for further study or ministry.

Required Courses

NTS201 Synoptic Gospels 3 credits
NTS202 Hebrews 3 credits
NTS203 Gospel of John 3 credits
OTS201 Leviticus 3 credits
OTS202 David & Solomon 2 credits
PTH201 Christian Maturity I 2 credits
PTH202 Christian Maturity II 2 credits
PTH203 Praise & Worship 3 credits
PTH204 Marriage & Family 3 credits
SYS201 Systematic Theology III 3 credits
SYS202 Systematic Theology IV 3 credits
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