Bachelor of Theology

This program is designed to build upon the Certificate and Diploma in Biblical Studies and seeks to gives students a thorough understanding of Theology as well as equip them for ministry. This program of study requires 30 credits of General Education, which must be transferred from an acceptable school.

Required Courses

CED402 Teacher Training 2 credits
HCH302 Church History 3 credits
NTS301 Pauline Epistles I 3 credits
NTS302 Pauline Epistles II 3 credits
OTS301 Historical Books 2 credits
PHL302 Apologetics 2 credits
PRE301 Homiletics 2 credits
PTH301 Principles of Prayer 3 credits
PTH401 Principles of Leadership 3 credits
THE301 Tabernacle of David 3 credits
THE302 Hope of the Christian 2 credits
THE402 Names of God 2 credits

General Education - 30 Credit Hours
Students must transfer 30 credits of General Education credits from an acceptable school.

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