Bachelor of Arts in Theology

This program is designed to give students a thorough understanding of Theology as well as equip them for ministry. This program of study requires 60 credits of General Education, which must be transferred from an acceptable school.

Year 3: 30 Credit Hours

BBL102 Hermeneutics 3 credits
NTS101 New Testament Survey 2 credits
NTS102 Romans 2 credits
NTS103 Acts 3 credits
OTS101 Old Testament Survey 3 credits
OTS102 Journey of Israel 3 credits
OTS103 Genesis 3 credits
PRE301 Homiletics 2 credits
SYS101 Systematic Theology I 3 credits
SYS102 Systematic Theology II 3 credits
THE102 Tabernacle of Moses 3 credits

Year 4: 30 Credit Hours

HCH302 Church History 3 credits
NTS202 Hebrews 3 credits
OTS201 Leviticus 3 credits
PHL302 Apologetics 2 credits
PTH201 Christian Maturity I 2 credits
PTH202 Christian Maturity II 2 credits
PTH203 Praise & Worship 3 credits
PTH204 Marriage & Family 3 credits
PTH401 Principles of Leadership 3 credits
SYS201 Systematic Theology III 3 credits
SYS202 Systematic Theology IV 3 credits

General Education - 60 Credit Hours
Students must transfer 60 credits of General Education from an acceptable school.

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