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Whether you are simply looking for more Biblical knowledge, or more in-depth training at the college level, ZCU has much to offer you.

Student Voices

“ZCU has been a tremendous blessing, one which has continued for years as I’m already on my 3rd degree with them. Its subjects are like a deep and refreshing stream whose waters block out the rush of life and pushes me to make time for personal study, reflection, and growth. The course’s solid Bible teachings along with their emphasis on character, ability, and productivity is a welcome reminder of what are the most important things in life.”


Linda Holmes
Missionary, Director ZMI Philippines

Programs of Study


ZCU was founded by Dr. Brian J. Bailey to train up leaders that could be used by God all around the world to be a part of the last day revival.

Debt Free

Every student at ZCU graduates without the burden of student loans. This is because we have set our tuition prices to be reasonable and affordable.

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